Graduation Pack- Buy 3 get 10 Special Deals!

RM 99.00 RM 222.50

Not sure what to prepare/read up after graduation?

Graduation pack can help! 

Consist of;

1,2. CPG Made Easy Part A & B (worth RM 100); Compilation of must know national CPGs - simplified to ease your revision

3. E-book version of CPG Made Easy (worth RM 30)

4. Compilation of HO logbook (worth RM 29.90); List of compulsory topics & procedures for HOs, according to KKM logbooks

5. Drug & Disease List card (worth RM 16.90); List of common drugs used in Malaysian hospital

6, 7. Limited edition #ExcellentHO lanyard & nametag holder (worth RM 19.90)

8. Smart #ExcellentHO planner (worth RM 10); How to plan your posting & assessment to avoid unnecessary extension

9. PreHO revision board (worth 7.90); Step by step guide for revision before HOship

10. Medicorp Mnemonic Card (worth RM 7.90); Compilation of all mnemonic for doing rounds, formulating plan of management, writing prescription, presenting cases & making referral.


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